Surfing for a Couch?

I have come across an excellent resource which I found out from another blogger living in Rome.; Basically people from all around the world on this site offer travelers a couch. Of course each situation is different. The site is based on ratings of each person and a description of the area they have to offer the traveler. Some people offer a couch for two, three nights, some for up to a month. The amazing aspect is that it is all free. The surfer can offer the host a gift, but the website is based on offering a couch for free. Of course when I end up with a home (whenever that might be) I will do the same and offer a couch. Each person has a complete profile of information about themselves. The term "couch" means a place to stay for free. Most situations have beds to sleep in.

This is a key resource that will definitely point to long traveling adventure. I am the type to offer a gift, although taking into consideration culture when gift giving is very important. One thought that might stream into a person's mind is safety. Within the site a person can verify oneself and they have three different levels of verification. Plus people vouch and write reviews on the people that surfed a couch and hosted.

The statistics are 202,822 couches around the world. 203,747 positive experiences and 0.1% negative experiences. 218 countries represented.

An excellent resource for the long term traveler.

A Small Excursion at a Cove.

I was able to catch a bee on this flower. If you click on the picture and enlarge it, you can see how clear his two tiny wings sit on his back with a glass look.

Here are a couple of pictures I took up at Pigeon Point in the area of the cove. Very nice day with clear blue skies, although I also like the fog and coolness also. The cove, which can be accessed, is a wonderful place to hang out.

I am going to head south for four days in August. I'm going to stay at four different hostels. After this little excursion, I will have only two months until I leave this housing situation where I have lived the past three in a half years; then three months until I leave the country. Everything is going according to the time table. I will be selling all the big stuff (bed, massage table, etc..) starting September fifteenth.

Like I was saying, a person really needs to wonder what it is like living with a big bill (beak) like that. Amazing, the different kinds of flying creatures in the winged family.

Traveling Oahu? Waikiki Hostel-HI

I thought of sharing about my travel out to Oahu back in January of 2006. Due to the fact that I lived in Honolulu, I kind of knew the ins and outs of the area. Within Waikiki there are many hostels to choose from, although there is only one Hostelling International Hostel in Waikiki. Hostelling International is an organization that has certain rules that the hostel has to abide by to be a member of the HI-organization. The other hostels can be dumps, they are all on Lemon street. Some are party houses. I try to stay at hostels of Hostelling International. Rules: no smoking, no alcohol, lights out at 11pm, each door has a lock, they have regular housekeeping, they have lockers.

During the winter, Hawaiian Airlines has great deals for flights from the west coast. I flew from San Francisco to Honolulu for $341.00. They are the one airline that still serves food on their flights. The hostel in Waikiki is two blocks from the beach toward the end of Kalakaua Ave (where the hotels end) on Prince Edward Street. An ideal location, everything in Waikiki is walking distance from the Hostel.

Oahu has an excellent bus system. Most people from the airport will pay around $40 for a taxi to get to Waikiki. I took the bus for $2.00. It dropped me off one block from the Hostel.
The bus is also easy to use to Ala Moana mall-park and beach, also to Pearl Harbor and Hanamua bay..

Since I lived there in 1994-96, I decided to rent a bike for two days at $15.00 a day. When I lived in Honolulu, I road my bike everywhere. I didn't own a car on the Island. I biked to all the places in Honolulu that I wanted to go. Then I rented a car for a couple of days and drove up to the north shore and around the Island, although this can be done by bus.

The hostel cost? $25.00 a night. Great deal for Waikiki, considering most people pay $100's for a bed and a shower at a hotel. The hostel is an apartment setting. The trick is to ask for a bed in the back room (two bunks-four person) because it has a door. The three beds up front is where everyone walks through. Of course Waikiki is noisy. Dumpsters and doors slamming at eight in the morning, along with cars squealing away and horns honking. The trick is to get up early hit the bathroom, since there is only one per apartment, and enjoy the morning. I am the siesta type of person. In the afternoon nobody is in the hostel - perfect time for a nap. They have a shared Kitchen with a common room and parking for a car if needed.

There is also another HI-Hostel outside of Waikiki up in the University area, I didn't stay at that one, although I guess it is quieter, but less bus routes and no parking.

Basically the island of Oahu can be visited on a shoestring budget. If your a person that is a four or five star hotel resort traveler, then a third class hostel might not be for you. I must say, for any five star spoiled well to do type of person; a third class hostel could prove to be a humbling experience.

Flight in winter, around $341.00
Hostel five night stay $125.00
Renting a bike per day $15-$20 a day.
Bus travel, Reserve $30 as an average.

I hope this review is helpful for anyone who travels to the Island of Oahu.

Pigeon Point Lighthouse Hostel-HI

The hostel at the Pigeon Point lighthouse is the very best hostel I have stayed at. Each hostel is different according to layout of the situation. At Pigeon Point, the hostel is a home setting, which has four homes on the property. Each home has one private room and two dorm rooms which sleeps six people, three bunks in each. One dorm for males and the other for females. The common area is very comfortable without a TV. The kitchen and dining areas are shared.

The back yard is a comfortable, ultra serene, peaceful, quite area with the sound of the rushing waves from the ocean. Fantastic area to watch the seagulls and pelicans flying along the waves. As humans, many people feel they need to be doing something; personally, am just fine doing nothing, just listen to the waves and take in the nature of the Almighty Divine Creator of all things.

The hostel is super clean with friendly staff. The hot tub, which is rare for a hostel, is right on the cliff of the ocean. Very reasonable rates, from $20-$23 for the dorm, and $60 for a private room. Driving Highway One on the coast, Pigeon Point is a well worth stopping point on any road trip. An ideal place to get away from the noise of a city or town. Pigeon Point is a hostel of Hostelling

Flowers Anyone.

Here are some more beautiful pictures I took at the lighthouse hostel. I used the closeup feature on my camera to get these three pictures below. Truly flowers are of beauty. Beautiful different shapes, sizes, and color. Certainly flowers has the power to affect an atmosphere, affect a person's mentality, charm your life partner, flowers can even comfort the grieved.

During 1994 I had the opportunity to visit Holland during the month of May. May is the best time to go because of the tulips. Amazingly large fields of purple, orange, red, white, yellow. An absolutely comforting sight. Holland is one of the largest flower producers in the world. A wonderful country to visit. The Dutch are a very nice, easy going, type of people. What makes them so easy going? Maybe the reason that everything is legal in Holland.

This time at the hostel and dealing with my backpack and gear was much better. The reassessment of my travel gear has proved worthwhile. Of course wherever, and whenever, I would need something I can just buy it. The lighter the pack the better. Now I do have enough for a MacBook, although for the first two years I am planing on going without a computer.

The time at Pigeon Point was wonderful. Quite, calm, serene, and very relaxing, along with meeting some very nice people. Time well spent doing nothing.

The Sunset: Divine Glory

Last night I was able to catch a few shots of the sunset. This first picture I was able to catch with a flock of pelicans flying through the sky. For a person that does not, or cannot, acknowledge an Almighty Divine Source; must have a hole in their head. All living, reflects the personality of the Divine; even the predator.

This is the view from the building of the Hostel of Pigeon Point. The atmosphere of the coast gives a very relaxing feel. I have always found the coast, with the crashing waves, to be very serene with the birds flying over head. Sleeping on a beach, with the sound of the waves all night, is the very best.

I found out 3459 species live on the California coast. Each living specie, has its own personality, which there is always a lesson to learn for us humans. I have been taught; learning, results by studying the depths of a subject.

This last photo I edited through iPhoto. Certainly a picture like this glorifies the Divine source of all.

A Pair of Shoes for a Pelican

I got some close ups shots of a couple of pelicans hanging around. This area is on west cliff drive in Santa Cruz. The weather has been wonderful lately and is warming up, although it really never gets all that hot in this area. A person really needs to wonder what it's like having such a big beak (bill). I mean its a big difference then a small little Budgie. Just look at the Toucans, what a massive bill.

I finally found and bought a pair of walking shoes. I have been wearing Van's tennis shoes for quite a few years now. For a tennis shoe they are very supportive and durable, although for hard walking they would not hold up.

I decided to buy a walking shoe made by Red Wing. A very durable shoe with a well made sole, and made for walking. One way to look at good walking shoes is to look at what a mailman is wearing. Considering they do a lot of walking it's worth a glimpse. Good shoes require paying a good price. I did want to start out with a durable shoe. I will be walking more than usual and sometimes possibly a good long distance.

I am heading up to the hostel, which is out of town on the coast, on my days off this week. I am bringing my revised backpack fully loaded. On my way back from San Francisco (the other week) I stayed at the Pigeon Point Lighthouse Hostel. This Hostel has been one of the best - the very best - so far. I will take some pictures and write a review when I'm there this next week.