A Pair of Shoes for a Pelican

I got some close ups shots of a couple of pelicans hanging around. This area is on west cliff drive in Santa Cruz. The weather has been wonderful lately and is warming up, although it really never gets all that hot in this area. A person really needs to wonder what it's like having such a big beak (bill). I mean its a big difference then a small little Budgie. Just look at the Toucans, what a massive bill.

I finally found and bought a pair of walking shoes. I have been wearing Van's tennis shoes for quite a few years now. For a tennis shoe they are very supportive and durable, although for hard walking they would not hold up.

I decided to buy a walking shoe made by Red Wing. A very durable shoe with a well made sole, and made for walking. One way to look at good walking shoes is to look at what a mailman is wearing. Considering they do a lot of walking it's worth a glimpse. Good shoes require paying a good price. I did want to start out with a durable shoe. I will be walking more than usual and sometimes possibly a good long distance.

I am heading up to the hostel, which is out of town on the coast, on my days off this week. I am bringing my revised backpack fully loaded. On my way back from San Francisco (the other week) I stayed at the Pigeon Point Lighthouse Hostel. This Hostel has been one of the best - the very best - so far. I will take some pictures and write a review when I'm there this next week.


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  2. Lighthouse Hostel situated close to the west end of Edinburgh. There are 2 art house cinema, 3 theatres and concert hall also. This hostel has large garden, bright and spacious rooms ranging from personal 2 bedroom to 10 bed with all modern services and facilities.

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